Five NFL Draft prospects set for big rookie seasons

Draft week has arrived and we will very shortly know the landing spots for many talented young players looking to light it up on the games biggest stage. 

The worst kept secret in the world right now is Caleb Williams being taken first overall by the Chicago Bears. The Bears made that crystal clear when trading Fields to the Steelers and their future franchise quarterback will be licking his lips at some of the addictions that the Bears have made. They now look like a legit contender to make a big leap this coming season. 

I want to take a look at five players likely to be drafted in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit. Now, in no particular order, let’s get going…

1. Rome Odunze 

The Washington WR is one of many talented wideouts in the draft this year and he will be one of the first selected in the first round. Odunze is one that I see having an immediate impact in the NFL for whoever is lucky enough to have his services. He still has scope for improvement but he is already a well rounded and complete player.

At 6 foot 3, he has the physical attributes to handle himself in the league. His size and physicality is one of the key reasons that he will flourish in his rookie season. Keep an eye out for how many contested, 50/50 battles that he wins. Even balls that shouldn’t end up in his hands will and that has to be so appealing for teams looking to add a big time talent to their roster.

2. Brock Bowers 

The top TE in this year’s draft and a player that I believe will be a huge target for the New York Jets. Physically Bowers is a monster talent, quite literally. But don’t be fooled by the physical specimen, Bowers is a playmaker, he has an amazing ability for gaining yards after catch.

He blends speed and power perfectly. One of the biggest compliments thrown at him is the comparison to George Kittle, which is high praise for someone yet to play a game in the NFL. But Bowers like Kittle can block and protect, he can catch and he can run, all to a high standard. He can easily be a spark and factor in year one.

Georgia knows how to build a player and Bowers will be in the running for offensive rookie of the year. If he ends up catching passes from Aaron Rodgers, then watch out for this young man having a statistically impressive year one in the league. 

3. Dallas Turner 

This Alabama Edge Rusher is ready to make waves in year one, his final season saw him make 10 sacks and I would t be surprised if he can match or better that total in his rookie season. He is explosive, his burst of speed to attack the QB is elite. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bears make a push for Turner.

They are a team who struggle to sack the opposing quarterback, up until getting Montez Sweat who is the go to guy for them now. If you can add in a young, hungry and capable playmaker to go along with him. That would easily allow the Bears a chance to be much more effective at getting to the QB and getting the ball back. Top 10 pick and one who will without doubt make their presence felt in year 1. 

4. Jayden Daniels

In many other years Daniels would be a first overall talent. LSU has a unique ability to produce young QBs ready to light it up in the pro game and Daniels will be causing headaches for many teams going into the draft, mainly because so many will want his services, but only one team can get him. I see the Raiders making a massive push on draft night and taking him second overall.

He has the ability with his legs to make plays and extend plays. He has great accuracy with deep shots and if you give him Davante Adams to target then watch out, because that could be a hot duo this season, potentially. Daniels threw 40 touchdowns last season and although there will be mistakes, I could see him being this year’s C.J Stroud. He has confidence, but to a very pleasant level, he is grounded and ready to go from straight away. 

5. Xavier Worthy 

Explosive. That is how you describe the Texas star wide receiver. He ran a 4.21, 40 yard dash at this year’s combine. That is lightning quick and that level of speed gets noticed. Two teams spring to mind for me as fits. The Chiefs and the Bills. Worthy can stretch the field and create space for other playmakers, something that would be great for the Chiefs.

He then can make deep play after deep play and would suit Josh Allen’s eye, someone who is desperate for a receiver. He doesn’t have Gabe Davis for the deep ball and he lost Stefon Diggs, so Worthy makes a lot of sense for the Bills.

Of course he might end up with neither of these franchises but I can see these two pushing for him. Remember his speed catches your eye but he has so much more than just the deep ball, he can create space and he can do so much after the catch.

More than half of his yards in his final season came after he caught the ball. So he could be used in a number of ways if he finds himself in the right landing spot, where a team can be creative in getting him involved as much as they can. 

Now obviously there are so many players to choose from, some will take time to get up to speed. Some will flourish further down the line, but these players above are ones that I have confidence in finding their stride quickly. Keep a close eye out for these guys making big plays quickly in their rookie seasons.